Determining the identity of a father and/or mother of a child - for peace-of-mind, custody challenges, inheritance claims, birth certificates, ID card applications, and more - is an important question that we can help you answer with confidence.

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UseChain-of-Custody or Peace-of-Mind
Processing Time14 working days
Accuracymin. 99.9%
DetailsA Prenatal Paternity DNA Test using only blood samples from Alleged Father and Mother that can be performed as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy; a completely non-invasive method to determine paternity of an unborn child. We analyze cell-free free-floating fetal DNA (cffDNA) in Mother’s blood using Next Generation Sequencing technology. Our testing method captures and analyzes more than 13,000 SNPs from Alleged Father, Mother and fetus. This data is subjected to advance bioinformatics analysis to provide results of paternity with non-paternal exclusive rate of more than 99.99%.
PriceTHB 36,900


In order for a DNA test to be used for legal purposes, certain processes and requirements must be met.
  1. The DNA samples must be collected by a certified, independent third party.
    • This sample collector must also be able to testify in court that they collected samples correctly.
  2. The DNA samples must follow a strict Chain of Custody procedure, from the point of sample collection, all the way to testing at our laboratory.
    • It is also important that the people being tested are never left alone with their samples.
  3. The people being tested have had their identities verified.
    • To prevent someone providing samples on behalf of someone else, we must verify the people being tested are who they say they are.
    • This calls for additional paperwork, ID, photographs, thumbprints, contact details, and more.
  • Nothing. The actual testing / analysis of DNA for a Legal (Chain-of-Custody) Test and a Peace-of-Mind (PoM) Test is identical. Both undergo the same rigorous testing, both are guaranteed at a minimum of 99.99%, and both are issued with notarized result reports.
  • The difference is that Legal DNA Tests have had DNA samples collected by a certified independent third party and have followed chain-of-custody. Furthermore, the people being tested must have their identity verified and documented.
  • However, in a PoM Test, you can collect your own samples and send them to us for testing. Therefore, a PoM Test cannot be used for immigration, custody or any other legal purposes because the above three criteria have not been met.
When you go to your sample collection appointment, be sure to bring:
  • Photo ID
  • Birth Certificate for children
At your appointment, we will:
  • Take copies of your Photo ID / Birth Certificate.
  • Get thumbprints (or for babies we sometimes get footprints) of all people being tested.
  • Take a 'mug shot' of all people being tested.
  • Fill out consent forms and other paperwork.
If you want to use your results in Thailand, the answer is “yes”. But you can make this decision once you know the result of your test. 
  • We are one of the very few foreign laboratories that can issue results that are accepted in Thailand, as well as abroad.
  • If you were to take paternity test with the Thai Police Hospital, your results do not need to be authenticated. However, it usually a minimum of four months to get your results with the Thai Police Hospital, and your results won’t be accepted outside of Thailand. There are currently no AABB-accredited DNA laboratories based in Thailand.


Additional People to be Tested

Our Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test fee includes testing the blood of the mother and alleged father, and analysing the Fetal DNA in the mother's blood. Each additional person tested will generate a new result report.

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Legal Sample Collection

If you think there is a chance that you will want to use your results for any legal purpose at any time in the future, you need to follow legal requirements in the sample collection process.

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