As one of the largest DNA labs in the world, we provide accredited relationship and forensic DNA testing with notarized results that are accepted in Thailand and abroad.



Paternity Testing Corporation (PTC) Laboratories is a family-owned and -operated DNA and forensics laboratory and proudly one of the world’s largest AABB-accredited facilities. Since 1996, we have built an honest reputation as being one of the most accredited and trusted DNA laboratories in the world, and our team has worked closely with governments, hospitals, lawyers, immigration departments, the legal justice system, law enforcement agencies, forensic crime units, NGOs, and of course, the general public.

Our guaranteed accuracy on our testing is above accreditation standards; our guarantee of 99.99% (even for at-home tests, motherless tests, and in the event of DNA mutations) means we continue testing using whatever method necessary, until we reach guaranteed, absolutely conclusive results… at no extra charge to you. A guarantee of at least 99.99% is extremely important, and allows you to be confident in our results.

With thousands of DNA sample collection centers around the world, our lab – based in Missouri, USA – tests more than 50,000 people every year, with capacity of almost 150,000. We offer all relationship DNA testing services, as well prenatal paternity testing options and forensic testing. Some of the most important accreditations that we maintain annually are AABB, ISO17025, ASCLD/LAB, NYDOH, and CLIA.

In 2005, PTC Laboratories expanded into Asia and by 2008, our internationally accredited and guaranteed testing service was introduced to Thailand. Our customer care office in Bangkok is on hand to answer any questions you have and to facilitate your DNA needs. We also have certified collection centers around the country, including in Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Surat Thani, Khon Kaen, Krabi, Hat Yai, and Nakhon Sri Thammarat, to name a few. If we don’t already have a collection center near you, we will help you find one. We can also help arrange international collections if not all parties to be tested are in the same place.