A DNA Test is not something you need to buy everyday. It can be a confusing experience to be sure you’re dealing with a reputable laboratory. Our clients have been in your shoes before, and some of them have shared their stories here to help make your experience with choosing a DNA Lab and having a DNA Test as informed and smooth as possible.


“I was recommended the services of PTC Laboratories for a paternity test. The representative was a pleasant young man who presented as polite and efficient. The results were punctual and communication was good throughout. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending the services of PTC Laboratories. Value for money, good efficient service.”

– J. Retnam (London, UK)
Immigration Paternity Test Client


“After some research I decided PTC Laboratories Thailand looked to be the most credible (and accredited) paternity testing service available that was required for my son’s citizenship application. I was not disappointed and was in fact pleasantly surprised by the level of follow-up and personalized attention. After requesting the service online I was immediately contacted and the various options were explained clearly and patiently. I was also informed that there was a doctor nearby who had kits and could gather the samples. A representative then called to make sure I had received the email results and re-checked the address the paper lab results would be sent to. PTC staff clearly treat this potentially life-changing test with discretion, sincerity and professionalism, giving it the importance it deserves. I would recommend PTC to anyone looking for a paternity testing service.”

– Neil Maedel (Canada)
Express Legal Paternity Test Client


“I am Thai Adoptee and I have been searching for my birth family in Thailand. With help of PTC Laboratories I have been able to do DNA Test without me being there in person. They have been very understanding about my case. They were able to send me a test in the USA and go personally to the home of the people that I wanted tested. They were very professional and quick to respond to any questions I had. My results came back quick and the test was very affordable for me. I will definitely use them in the future. Thank you PTC Laboratories.”

– Lisa Kininger (USA)
Maternity Test Client


“My partner and I were very lucky to have met the representative of PTC Laboratories in the hospital. We were in need of an express paternity test, and the company’s representative was in the right place at the right time. We received clear and detailed information regarding the process, and felt we are in good hands. The process in Thailand was simple and friendly and the results were given to us in a very short while, shorter than the other local options estimations. Being in the middle of a bureaucratic process, we were glad to receive this service from PTC Laboratories, it was professional, trust worthy and friendly, THANK YOU!”

– Ami R. (Israel)
Express Legal Paternity Test Client


“THANK YOU for PTC Lab in providing EXCELLENT SERVICES for the processing of DNA Test and Result to U.S. Embassy for my children application of Paternity Tests. Both of my children have already received their U.S. Citizenship and Passports. I will certainly recommend to my friends for the excellent services of your goodself, Bangkok’s PTC office and in Missouri head office too.”

– David Sirinnont (USA)
Immigration Paternity Test Client


“Going with PTC and making a DNA paternity test with them was fast, reliable, secure and painless. Within an hour, their manager took care of me and arrange via emails and phone calls a time for the same day to collect our genetic samples. Two days after, samples arrived at their lab in the states. After 6 days including a long weekend, I had my results by email. The documents arrived shortly after. The results of this test can also be used in courts. Don’t look further, great deal and excellent value for the money!”

– Fabien le Changeur (France)
Legal Paternity Test Client


“Thank you PTC-Laboratories for your wonderful service. We were in contact with several different AABB Accredited DNA testing facilities but in the end the choice was obvious. PTC-Laboratories was able to met our demands on all occasions and their service was prompt, professional and forthright. We would especially like to thank Quah Boon Kheng from the Thailand office for his personable character and willingness to go the extra mile. We required a Legal Paternity Test for Swedish Citizenship, and Kheng was able to meet us the day after we notified him of the arrival of our son. The samples were collected at the hospital without a fuss, and couriered directly to the USA for analysis. We also requested the Express Next-day service and our samples were analyzed the day of arrival in the USA, and the results were couriered to Sweden on the next working day! We can highly recommend PTC-Laboratories, and especially their office in Bangkok Thailand! Thank you again PTC Laboratories.”

– Grawé Family (SWEDEN)
Express Legal Paternity Test Client


“I was really impressed by the service and guidance throughout the whole process. We never done such a test before. We have been quiet nervous and insecure. The help and support given by PTC was outstanding. I am happy that we decided to go for the paternity test, as we now have the clearance for ourself. Special thank’s to Khun Kheng. You made it as smooth as possible.”

– Carmen (Phuket)
Legal Paternity Test Client


“It is a pleasure to testify that the team of PTC Laboratories in Thailand are: very professional, very efficient, very accurate in every step of the test, completely independent (the laboratory is located in the USA) and always available. The team is as well able to manage in a few hours the organization of an international test (alleged father in Europe, mother in Thailand for example). At the end, I highly recommend PCT Laboratories in case of prenatal paternity test”.

– Greg (FRANCE)
Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test Client


“I was always told I was born in Thailand to a Thai woman and her American husband.
I decided to take a ancestral DNA test. The ancestral DNA test showed that I was 100% Asian. I then reached out to a friend of mine whose husband is Thai. They, with the help from a lady from city hall in the small town in Thailand where I lived as a baby, helped me track down my aunt and cousins in Thailand who I haven’t seen since I was 8.
A few weeks later, the lady from city hall emailed that she discovered that I was actually adopted by my Thai mother and American father, and that she believed she had tracked down my birth mother. After confirming dates and other info with her, we decided a maternal DNA test was in order. PTC Laboratories made this test easy and effortless. I was so shocked and amazed when the maternal DNA test came back positive – she is my birth mother! A huge thank you to PTC Laboratories for making this possible!”

– Wil Salmonson (USA/THAILAND)
Maternity Test Client


“Having researched many private DNA testing companies, I found PTC Laboratories is the most reliable one. I rapidly got professional information from my first call with PTC staff. I also got the case number and tracking information of my DNA sample when it was on the way to the lab in USA. I received my result as soon as testing was completed, which was much quicker than I expected!”

– Gloria (THAILAND)
Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test Client