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Y-Chromosome Test

Y-Chromosome Test

Price: THB 12,300



A Y-Chromosome Test is used to identify your direct paternal lineage. 

Human DNA is organized into 23 pairs of chromosomes, out of which, one pair determines the sex of the individual. This pair of chromosomes are commonly known as the XX (female) or XY (male) chromosomes. The presence of the Y-Chromosome, therefore, indicates the person is a male. The genetic information in this chromosome is passed down from a Father to their male Children only. 

It can be used in genealogical testing to determine a common male line in the family. The test analyzes your family tree, tracing backwards from a male Child to their Father, then to their Father's Father, and so on, to find out who shares the same Y-Chromosome DNA. For example, male siblings may take this test to find out whether they share the same Father.

A simple mouth swab is all that is needed to get a DNA sample from each of the tested parties, however, some unusual samples are accepted. Note that most unusual samples will incur a fee, as we must first extract the DNA in order to analyze it. Contact us for more information. 

Before purchasing this test, it is important to contact us first, to discuss your requirements and whether this is the right test for you.

Whether you need a Peace-of-Mind (At-Home) Test, or a Legal (Chain-of-Custody) Test, the actual lab testing and analysis is identical, with the same level of rigorous testing methods. The only difference for a legal test is in how your samples are collected (see below).

The price for this test includes:

  • 24/7 personal customer support in English and Thai.
  • DNA Sample Collection Kit, containing everything you or your sample collector need to collect samples and complete paperwork. Note that this test fee does not include the Chain-of-Custody (CoC) Fee for legal sample collection, which is paid directly to your sample collector. Please see below for extra information regarding Legal Tests and the additional Chain-of-Custody (CoC) Fee.
  • One (1) shipment of your samples (up to 0.5 kg in one shipment) by first-class, international priority courier to our lab in the USA. 
  • Testing of one (1) male DNA sample provided on cotton tip. To test additional samples (whether for the same person, or someone else), you will need to purchase a second Y-Chromosome Test. To use unusual samples in this test, you will need to add this option to your order. Scroll down the page to add this option to your order. 
  • One (1) original, notarized English-language report, and one (1) original, notarized Thai-language report.
  • Emailed results as soon as they are ready.
  • Posting of hard-copy, notarized results to anywhere in the world by regular mail. To express the postage of your hard-copy results, you can upgrade to first-class, international priority courier. Scroll down the page to add this option to your order.


Tests required for legal or official purposes must follow a strict chain-of-custody of the samples, and will incur an additional Chain-of-Custody fee, which is payable directly to your sample collector. This fee covers the collection of DNA samples by a certified, independent third party, the chain-of-custody of samples, and the identification verification process. Learn more about chain-of-custody of samples in our FAQ.

Following this process means your notarized result report will also be recognized as an official, legal document (note that foreign-issued legal documents used in Thailand also need to be authenticated after they are issued. Learn more about the difference between notarized, legal, and authenticated results in our FAQ.) 

The sample collector could be your own doctor (with pre-clearance from PTC), one of our world-wide, certified collection centers, or a PTC representative from our Bangkok office.

  • If you will visit our Bangkok office for your sample collection, or if one of our Bangkok PTC representatives will visit you at your home, hotel, or hospital, you can add the payment for Legal Sample Collection by PTC option to your order. Scroll down the page to add this option to your order.
  • For all other sample collections, you must pay your sample collector directly. Contact us if you need more information or need to find a certified sample collector near you.

Important Information


  • A Y-Chromosome DNA Test can be used for your own peace-of-mind (you collect your own samples), or for legal, official purposes (your samples must follow a strict strict chain-of-custody procedure, meaning the DNA is collected by a certified, independent third party, and your identity has been verified and documented). Learn more about the difference between legal testing and peace-of-mind testing in our FAQ. 
  • If you plan to use your results for any legal or official purpose in Thailand or Taiwan, there is an Authentication Process that must be followed, and we can take case of the whole process both in the USA and in Thailand. Scroll down the page to add this option to your order.
  • Our results are accepted in many countries around the world for Immigration and other official purposes. If you are using your results for Immigration purposes, please read our section on Immigration Testing, and contact us for more information about your specific Embassy, as some Embassies require you to first make an application with them, before doing a DNA Test.


  • Testing times can vary depending on the samples provided. Generally, for tests with good oral samples, it will take approx. 2-3 weeks. Tests using unusual samples will take longer. This includes both the time it takes to send your samples to our lab in the USA (2 business days) by first-class, international priority courier, and also the testing time at our lab. 
  • Depending on the samples provided, express testing options are sometimes available for this type of test. Please contact us to discuss.
  • Your results will be sent to you immediately by email. Your physical results will be sent to your via regular post and will arrive in Thailand approximately 2 weeks after you receive your emailed results. 
  • If you’re in a hurry, you can also opt to have your results sent via first-class, international priority courier for an additional fee, and your results will arrive within approximately 2 business days. Scroll down the page to add this option to your order.


Due to the nature of this test, and the number of variables involved, there is a varying degree of the probability of relationship for Y-Chromosome Tests. The results will depend heavily on whose DNA samples have been provided for testing, and what type of relationship you are trying to determine.

These tests involve complex genetic analysis and two cases are rarely the same. We are happy to discuss this further with you. 


  • Samples are usually collected using buccal swabs (sterile Q-Tip/cotton tip) - which are provided in our DNA Sample Collection Kits - by swabbing the inside of the cheek. If you are collecting your own samples for a Peace-of-Mind (PoM) Test, you can view our sample collection guidelines here.
  • If normal samples are not possible to obtain, you can view our Unusual Samples page to see what other types of samples can be used for this test. Most unusual samples will incur a fee, as we must first extract the DNA in order to analyze it. Contact us for more information.


Legal Sample Collection by PTC

THB 1,500

Visit Service (35-100 km)

THB 2,000

Unusual Sample (per Sample)

THB 8,300

Express Delivery (Courier)

THB 2,700

Visit Service (100-200 km)

THB 3,000

Visit Service (<15 km)

THB 500

Visit Service (15-35 km)

THB 1,000

Express Authentication (per Case)

THB 6,600