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Animal DNA genotyping

Animal DNA genotyping

Price: THB 10,800



Animal DNA profiling can be carried out on your pets (dogs, cats horses and birds) as an alternative to other invasive types of identification (such as microchipping). Should you lose your pet and recover it, a simple DNA profile can prove rightful ownership, quickly and affordably. 

Animal DNA profiling can also be a useful tool to prove pedigree through a paternity and/or maternity test. Use this test to confirm if one of both of the parents are really the biological parents of the baby animal (foal, pup or kitten). Kindly contact us for pricing. Please note that we can only genotype specific bird/avian species.

What kind of samples can I provide?

Dog & Cat: 3-5 oral swabs or 3-5 strands of hair with follicle 
Horse: 15-20 strands of hair with follicle 
Birds: 3-5 feathers

Oral swab sample collection instructions: 
Swab inside of cheek for 15 seconds as hard as possible without causing any pain.

Test Information

Accuracy: 99% minimum
Results: Electronic and emailed only (no hardcopies)
Number of locations tested: 17 loci
Testing time: 7-14 working days

Important Information

Testing is carried out by an external laboratory that is fully and internationally accredited.

Additional information:

  • The DNA is extracted from the horse hair follicle, so please do not cut hairs.
  • We cannot test all bird/avian species known. Kindly provide the species of the bird before sending samples to us.
  • Identical twins have the same DNA and the reports will show identical DNA profiles.


  • This test is not related to, tested by or promoted by PTC.
  • PTC is cannot be held responsible for the results of this test in any way.
  • This external laboratory does not share the same accreditations as PTC.