From infedility testing and testing unusal samples, to assisting in criminal cases and the identification of disaster victims, our laboratory is fully equipped and experienced in handling forensic DNA testing.

Since 1996, we have worked with the police, the courts, NGOs, and disaster relief teams in setting the standard for forensic testing.

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The Erase Sperm Isolation Kit effectively and efficiently eliminates epithelial cell DNA from samples containing mixtures of sperm cells and epithelial cells. Erase is a form of differential extraction and makes it possible to obtain a male autosomal profile from samples that would be expected to yield a mixture profile.

The product was specifically designed to extract male DNA from a mixed sample containing epithelial cells (skin cells) and sperm. It does this by eliminating the epithelial cells from the mixed sample. The remaining sperm cells can then be used in identifying the person it came from. However, this kit does not offer any method to perform DNA testing for human identification. The target market (main customers) are forensic and crime investigation laboratories that perform human identification for rape cases. There are also other non-intended uses.

Automating Differential Extraction with ERASE

With Erase, it is easy to achieve higher throughput for sexual assault cases because there are fewer controls to analyze and the profiles generated are single source. Ten samples can be processed by hand in less than two hours. Erase can also be automated using a liquid handler instrument for high throughput testing.

An entire plate of samples can be differentially extracted and ready for DNA purification in a few hours. High throughput testing of sexual assault cases can be achieved using the Erase Sperm Isolation Kit in conjunction with Promega’s Slicprep™ 96 Device (a 96 well plate with a basket for centrifuging the substrate) and a basic liquid handler.