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A: All results issued by PTC Laboratories are notarized by our staff of Public Notaries, regardless of whether the test was a Legal (Chain-of-Custody) Test or an At-Home (Peace-of-Mind) Test. Learn about the difference between Legal and At-Home Tests here.

Notarized results mean that the testing process may be fully accounted for. It does not mean the results can be used for legal purposes.

Results can only be used for legal purposes if:

  • The DNA samples were collected by a certified, independent third party.
    • This sample collector must also be able to testify in court that they collected samples correctly.
  • The DNA samples have followed a strict Chain of Custody procedure, from the point of sample collection, all the way to testing at our laboratory.
    • It is also important that the people being tested are never left alone with their samples.
  • The people being tested have had their identities verified.
    • To prevent someone providing samples on behalf of someone else, we must verify the people being tested are who they say they are.
    • This calls for additional paperwork, ID, photographs, thumbprints, contact details, and more.

Learn more about Legal DNA Testing requirements here.

When samples are collected this way, our laboratory will be able to provide you with notarized, as well as legal, results, which are accepted in the majority of countries around the world. When ordering your Legal DNA Test, let us know in which country you will use your results.

We are one of the few foreign laboratories that can issue results that are accepted in Thailand. This is due to our Authentication Process.

It is a requirement for all legal documents issued outside the Kingdom of Thailand to be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Authentication Process of your results starts in the USA before completing the process in Thailand, and then arriving in your hands as legal Thai documents, readily accepted by Thai Government or Legal entities. We handle the process for you from start to finish.

(Note: This is NOT required for countries other than Thailand and Taiwan.)

If you were to take a paternity test with a Thai Police Hospital or Government Hospital, your results do not need to be authenticated. However, it usually takes a minimum of four months to get your results, and those results won’t be accepted outside of Thailand.

Only English, Legal Tests can be authenticated, but not every Legal Test requires authentication – it depends on what for, and where, you are using the results.

Therefore, we offer a separate fee for the authentication process, and you may choose to authenticate your results AFTER knowing the results to your test, or any other time in the future. You can contact us for advice on whether this would apply to you.

How much does this Authentication Process cost?

Each authentication costs THB 8,000 per result. This means that if you have tested paternity for two or more children OR two or more alleged fathers / mothers, each result report will need to be authenticated.

Example 1: Mother + Alleged Father + Child
1 x Paternity Result Report will be issued
Cost of Authentication Process = THB 8,000

Example 2: Mother + Child + Alleged Father A + Alleged Father B
2 x Paternity Result Reports will be issued
Cost of 2 x Authentication Processes = THB 16,000

Example 3: Mother + Alleged Father + Child A + Child B + Child C
3 x Paternity Result Reports will be issued
Cost of 3 x Authentication Processes = THB 24,000