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A: No, there is no need for everyone to be in the same country or city in order to be tested.

For legal tests that need to follow chain-of-custody of samples, we can arrange for your DNA samples to be collected anywhere, with more than 2,000 certified sample collection centers around the world. However, if we don’t have a collection center near you, we will help you find one, send the doctor a sample collection kit, explain the process, and help coordinate the shipment of the samples to our laboratory.

For example, if the Mother and Child live in Chiang Mai, Thailand, they could go to our existing certified collection center in Chiang Mai and have their DNA samples collected there. We would arrange the appointment with the doctor. Meanwhile, if the Alleged Father is in Atlanta, USA, then they would go to our sample collection center in Georgia; we would arrange the appointment for him. We then coordinate the shipping of all three samples from the two international locations, to our laboratory in the Missouri, USA, where testing will begin once all samples have arrived.

If you are having an At-Home (Peace-of-Mind) DNA Test, we can send a DNA Sample Collection Kit to one or more locations any where in the world.

Alternatively, if everyone being tested is in the same city, but do not want to give their samples at the same time, this can also be arranged.

Please note that in most cases – but not always:

  • Each sample collection will incur a separate sample collection fee paid directly to the doctor/s collecting the samples.
  • The test fee includes one (1) shipment of your samples (up to 0.5 kg in one shipment) by first-class, international priority courier from Thailand to our lab in the USA. Each subsequent shipment of samples to our laboratory might incur an additional courier fee.

If you’re being tested separately and want to be sure the right person is being tested at the other location, you can rest assured that stringent identification measures are in place, including thumbprints, photographs, and comparison of photographic ID with the person providing their DNA sample.