Other DNA Tests and Related Products

PTC Laboratories Thailand works closely with other reputable laboratories and vendors from around the globe to provide our customers with the latest DNA testing products that are of high quality and affordable. 

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Use3-5 oral swabs or 3-5 strands of hair with follicle
Processing Time7-14 working days
AccuracyMinimum 99%
DetailsAnimal DNA profiling can be carried out on your pets (dogs, cats horses and birds) as an alternative to other invasive types of identification (such as microchipping). Should you lose your pet and recover it, a simple DNA profile can prove rightful ownership, quickly and affordably.  Animal DNA profiling can also be a useful tool to prove pedigree through a paternity and/or maternity test. Use this test to confirm if one of both of the parents are really the biological parents of the baby animal (foal, pup or kitten). 
PriceTHB 10,800